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The IGNITE Intern Program is an important investment in the future of the company, one that extends across all organizations.

Students are provided with 1:1 mentorship and projects that provide significant impact to the business. We recognize the importance of developing top talent early, which is why we support freshmen through PhD's into the program.

The program includes:

Project-based internships 

1:1 mentorship with innovators in cyber-security 

Executive speaking engagements 

Intern project showcase

Community outreach 

2017 IGNITE Intern Program
Engineering Intern Projects

Endpoint Security Team
- Learn about FireEye's HX Product here
United States   
   1.  Software Engineer Intern (x2) - Reston, VA 
   2.  Software Engineer Intern - Reston, VA
   3.  DevOps Software Engineer Intern - Reston, VA 

   4.  Software Engineer Intern - Dublin, Ireland
   5.  Software Engineer Intern - Dublin, Ireland 

Network Security Team - Learn about FireEye's MX Product here
   1.  Software Engineer Intern - Milpitas, CA
   2.  Guest Images Intern - Milpitas, CA
   3.  Software Engineer Intern - Milpitas, CA 

FireEye Labs
   1.  Malware Data Science Intern - Milpitas, CA
   2.  Threat Research Intern - Intern - Milpitas, CA 

Enterprise Forensics -
Learn about the Network Forensics Platform here
    1.  Software Engineer Intern - Reston, VA

Research & Development 

    1.  Software Development Intern - Milpitas, CA 

Product Management
   1.  Product Design Intern - Reston, VA 
   2.  Product Management Intern - Milpitas, CA
   3.  Product Management Intern - Cloud - Milpitas, CA

iSIGHT Intelligence - Learn about FireEye's Threat Intelligence here
    1.  Data Indexing and Access Analyst Intern - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    2.  Micro Services Developer Intern (x2) - Amsterdam, Netherlands 

FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineer Team - Learn about the FLARE team here
    3.  Reverse Engineer Intern- Reston, VA

FireEye as a Service Internships

FireEye as a Service provides continuous compromise assessment and response, using FireEye products and intelligence to detect signs of intrusion early, rapidly investigate, and provide the answers you need to respond effectively. In most cases, detection through response occurs within hours, drastically minimizing the scope, impact, and cost of a breach.

  1.  Dev Ops Intern - Reston, VA
  2.  Software Engineer Intern - Reston, VA 
  3.  Engineering Intern - Analysis Team - Reston, VA

Mandiant Consulting Internships

Defending against cyber attacks is more difficult than ever. The bad guys are highly sophisticated, well funded, well organized, and highly incentivized. Their tactics, techniques and procedures are constantly evolving. And they’re more persistent than ever.

More and more organizations are finding themselves ill equipped to deal with these threats. Mandiant Consulting provides the experience, expertise, and industry intelligence you need to win the battle against cyber attackers — today and into the future.

   1. Strategic Services Intern - Dallas, TX
   2. Project Management Intern - Alexandria, VA 
   3. Incident Response Intern - Dallas, TX

Operations Intern Projects

Hardware Engineering 

   1.  Hardware Engineer Intern - Milpitas, CA
   2.  Quality Tools Developer Intern - Milpitas, CA
   3.  Network Engineer Intern - Milpitas, CA

Operations Services 

   1.  Associate Developer Intern - Milpitas, CA
   2.  Pricing Systems Intern - Milpitas, CA
   3.  Business Intelligence Intern - Milpitas, CA
   4.  Data Center Lab Tech Intern - Milpitas, CA

Customer Support
    1. Technical Support and Tools Development Intern (x2) - Singapore

Business Operations Intern Projects

   1.  Business Analyst intern - Milpitas, CA
   2.  Reference Program Manager - Milpitas, CA 
   3.  Legal Intern - Milpitas, CA  
   4.  Business Operations Intern  - Milpitas, CA 


    5.  Sales Operations Intern - Milpitas, CA 
    6.  Partner Program Sales Intern - Milpitas, CA
    7.  Partner Program Sales Intern - Milpitas, CA  

Marketing Intern Projects

  1.  Product Marketing Manager Intern - Milpitas, CA  

Technical Assessments

On most interns projects, the hiring team will create an assessment to better identify the applicants strengths. This is a great time for you to share relevant projects you have experience with that aren't on your resume.

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