Meet Karan, Hardware Engineer Intern

This internship presented me with a great opportunity to discover an industry which is completely new to me and beyond my scope of study bolstered by the application of the skills and knowledge that I gained through the engineering projects and ongoing education.

The transition from Engines, motors, pulleys, gears & springs to NIC cards, RAID controllers, PSUs, IPMI chips & server blades has been exciting and intriguing. This internship has definitely helped me effectively in broadening my career choices for the future. For some, their internship might have aided them in further expanding & sharpening their accomplished skills, but I hold myself fortunate enough as I gained the opportunity to uncover an absolutely different avenue considering my educational background.  

To the future applicants I would say, if selected then trust you will not regret working with FireEye. Finally, if given the opportunity, I would definitely return to work without having any doubts!

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Hardware Engineering Team

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