A Marketing Intern In A Cybersecurity World

- Jake, 2018 IGNITE Americas Field Marketing Intern

How did you hear about FireEye? Why did you choose FireEye? 

I had initially heard of FireEye through various news sources, promoting instances where the company had discovered and prevented cyber-attacks for other notable companies. After researching FireEye and its industry, I decided that cybersecurity is a rapidly growing industry that I would love to learn more about. I specifically chose FireEye though because of its mission to protect their customers from the impact of cyber-attacks, which to me means that they truly care about the people who have fallen victim to these attacks. I also chose FireEye because of the interactions I had with the employees who work there. The employees are high-quality in character and make sure to get to know who you are as a person before anything else. For this reason, I was very excited to join FireEye as Americas Field Marketing Intern. 


What is the most interesting thing you have learned? 

As Americas Field Marketing Intern, my role involved assisting my team with the set up and follow-through of marketing campaigns across the Americas. This included venue sourcing, event registration, budgeting, event branding, and uploading sales leads into Salesforce. The most interesting thing I’ve learned in my internship is how a company like FireEye plans its Go-To-Market initiatives with specific objectives and key performance indicators, and how each tactic fits with the overall plan. 


What has been your favorite part of your internship so far? 

The highlight of my internship thus far have been the relationships I’ve fostered with the people I met and worked with. My team has impacted my time here in a tremendous way. They've given me the opportunity to work on different projects that provide a real impact to the company; and although they are remote, they graciously spend their time teaching me different marketing concepts and answering any questions I have. I’ve also enjoyed building relationships with the people I interned with this past summer. It was a rewarding experience getting to know each of the other interns, because they all came from different backgrounds, both personally and professionally. 


What would your advice be to a student pursuing an internship at FireEye? 

My best advice to give any student pursuing an internship at FireEye is to be as proactive as you can. Take initiative to get to know everyone – your team, people outside your team, and your fellow interns. The more connections you make, the more you allow yourself to learn from others who may or may not have more diverse experiences than you. FireEye has an open culture and it's up to you to make the most of it. Also, take initiative in asking questions and for more projects to work on. By doing so, you are showing your passion for the work that you do and your willingness to learn. Overall, anyone interning at FireEye should soak up their time here because it's a very rewarding experience.  

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