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- Divya, 2018 IGNITE Development Engineer Intern - Milpitas, CA

This summer I had an opportunity to intern at FireEye as a Development Engineer Intern on their Web UI Development Team. I worked on building high-quality UI components and library-based widgets on Angular 6.0. I have had an awesome time at FireEye. I have learned a lot of new technologies along the way, met intriguing and skilled individuals, and was glad that I could contribute towards the goal of the project I was working on. 


What I appreciated the most is that interns are paired up with a mentor from their first day and they guide you throughout your internship. Not only the mentors, but also the co-workers treat you as part of the team. You get to develop an individual project and then get a chance to brag about it at an intern showcase event.  


My favorite part of the internship were the events conducted for the interns. Almost every week we had our Intern Speaker Series with a member of FireEye's executive team. Apart from these intellectual conversations, the University Relations Team made sure that interns also had fun. 


The only advice I would like to give is to make the most of your time at FireEye. Have discussions with your co-workers and learn what they have been working on, get to know more about the projects, and learn what other interns are doing. You have access to and can attend FireEye’s Multicast series to know more about the projects. If you do so, you will surely have a much more rewarding experience. 


This internship program is a perfect combination of learning new technologies, loads of coding, networking events, social outings, and making connections. I would certainly recommend applying to an internship at FireEye.

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