My Return to FireEye

 - Andrew, Digital Marketing Intern

I heard about FireEye through my oldest brother Chase Platon who started working here in 2012 as a hardware engineer. At this point the company was still a startup and was just beginning to make a name for itself in the world of cyber security. In 2014, the summer before my freshman year of college, I worked at FireEye as a Document Control Intern on the operations team. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to intern for a company like FireEye before they went public. Going into the internship I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I wanted to do for a career so I treated it as an opportunity to build up my business world knowledge, start my professional resume on a strong note, and be a part of an incredible company for my first internship.

Returning to FireEye as an incoming college senior was something that I was very excited about. Finally, having found a career path, I was eager to expand my knowledge of marketing and data analytics with real world application. There were many reasons that I wanted to return to FireEye for an internship. I knew that the company had gone public since my first internship in 2014 and had been achieving great strides in the cyber security world. I wanted to find an internship in the technology/cyber security market with an outstanding marketing team who was eager to learn and evolve along with the market around them. Lastly, having worked at FireEye previously, I knew what a welcoming company it was. I remembered how great the intern program is and how many opportunities you get as an intern to have a direct impact on the company.

From the start of my internship as a Marketing Web Specialist, I was thrown into the mix of the day to day operations of the Web Marketing Team. Having to learn all sorts of new applications and programs that the company uses and trying to keep up with the fast pace of a real-world job. While at first everything seemed a little daunting, everything soon began to click and became surprisingly fun. It is interesting how people talk about loving your job and what you do and it wasn’t until I experienced it firsthand that I truly knew that feeling and how work doesn’t really feel like work.

The most interesting thing that I have learned during my internship this summer is the ins and outs of Adobe Analytics. In today’s world, data arguably is the main driving force behind most decisions. Being able to breakdown and analyze data is a very important trait especially for a marketer. Being able to know how to create dashboards and run reports within Adobe Analytics to better understand our consumers was by far the most interesting part of my internship. I loved learning where our website’s traffic was coming from, how long they were staying on each specific page, and what they were specifically clicking on. I thought it was incredible how we had all the information about our potential customers and how we could possibly market differently to convert more of them.

My favorite part of my internship was going to the San Francisco Giants game with my team. It was fun seeing everyone outside of the normal office setting and goofing around with them! My team is one of the main reasons that my internship had such an impact on me as a person. They were like my family away from home. Everyone was so welcoming from the get go and immediately treated me as an equal team member. It was truly a feeling that I will hold with me as a standard for jobs in the future.

My advice to potential FireEye interns would be to expose yourself to as much as you can. Don’t come into your internship just focusing on your specific interests or major. Ask around for opportunities to help around the department you are in so you can add more and more skills to your arsenal and become a more well-rounded business man or woman. I would also recommend that interns seek out executives for one on one meetings to ask them personal questions. Although FireEye does an amazing job of having executives talk to interns about their careers, scheduling one on ones will give you the opportunity to ask more personal questions related to topics that interest you and relate more to your life.

FireEye is the best internship that I have held to date. From the connections I have made, to the experience I have gained, no other internship compares to my time at the world’s leading cyber security company.

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