My Summer Project, Finding Evil


My name is Eddy. I am interning at the best place ever, FireEye. I was lucky enough to be chosen as an Event Analyst for the FireEye As A Service (FaaS) Security Operations Center in Reston, Virginia. 

We like to have fun in the SOC, but we also like to find evil. I get to analyze network traffic and hits that come from all over the country! As an Intern, I'm trained to think like the hackers to better understand the tricks of their trade. None of this has been easy to learn, especially when things get technical. However, the awesome people in the SOC are always there to answer my questions! Not only is my mentor amazing, but so is everyone else and it reflects in their helpfulness; it takes a village to raise an analyst. 

Great culture, great people, and an awesome office! My experience here is already 1/2 way over and I can easily say that FireEye has changed my life! 

Special thanks and shout outs to: Geoff my mentor and all the awesome guys in the SOC, the Reston intern crew, and last but certainly not least a big thanks to Alex and Brooke for helping make this dream become a reality for me! 

You guys all made this summer memorable!

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