Garrett's Experiences in India

I had an amazing opportunity the beginning of December to travel to India for 10 days to recruit for the FireEye India office. The goal was to hire 5 new college graduates from one of the best engineering schools in the country, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), and spend a few days in our Bangalore office. I arrived in India on a Thursday and had a meeting that night with the head of the BHU engineering placement office to discuss the recruiting process and our talk the next day with the engineering students. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by two amazing colleagues, Atul and Urvashi, from the FireEye India team! The next day we woke up early to get to the campus for our FireEye 101 talk and to discuss the fulltime opportunities at FireEye with over 300 engineering students.

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in India, along with old cities comes old roads, and on top of having old roads Varanasi also has a lot of people. Having old roads and lots of people doesn’t always make for the most predictable traffic. On the way to the campus we hit total gridlock; the streets were filled with cars, rickshaws, motorbikes, cows, goats, bicycles, and lots of people. We had planned on getting to campus 45 minutes early, but ended up arriving 25 minutes late. In the US I think the students would have just left and not waited around, but to my surprise we walked into a room buzzing with the chatter of 300+ engineering students.

The FireEye presentation went off without a hitch. We had many students who were very interested in coming to work for FireEye. After talking about FireEye the students were all given a test as the first part of the interview process. After answering questions about FireEye, had a chance to meet with students to discuss their classes and interests, followed by a campus tour. We then headed back to our hotel with a huge stack of tests to grade before our interview day 7 days later.

I will continue the India journey in my next blog entry, but in the meantime I would encourage anyone interested in religions or history to learn more about Varanasi. I had the opportunity to explore the city in the evenings after meetings and really fell in love with the city. Varanasi is the most important city to the Hindu religion and is sometimes referred to as the “city of temples.” It is filled with life, death, spirituality, color, and excitement; and is by far one of the most interesting and unique places I have ever been!

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