The Whole Package

- Christina, 2018 IGNITE Reference Manager Intern

After hearing about the company from a family-friend, I chose FireEye because it offered the whole package. It is a high-tech company, offering cutting edge technology and services, that provides a welcoming work environment for interns. The FireEye Ignite Internship Program offers the perfect balance between work and play. I was able to form strong friendships and learn from everyone around me. Cyber security is extremely important in today’s society, and I was excited about the opportunity to learn more about it through my internship.


As this was my first internship, my experience this summer exceeded my expectations. At FireEye, all positions are valued because everyone plays a vital role into the company’s success. My favorite part of my internship was how I felt like a peer instead of just an intern. I felt like my team embraced me as the Reference Manger Intern, so I was able to grow personally and professionally. I was able to continually apply my previous knowledge while learning from my work and the people around me. I can thank my inspirational manager, Abby Atkinson, for playing a large role in facilitating a tight-knit team and welcoming me into it with open arms.


In addition to learning database systems, such as Showpad, Salesforce, and ReferenceEdge, the most interesting thing I learned during my internship was the importance of a Reference Team. FireEye’s Reference Team not only understands that the success of the company depends on strong customer advocacy, but also assists the Sales and Marketing Teams with customer reference materials during the buyer’s journey. I grew an understanding of how influential marketing through customer testimonials can be to supporting sales.


There is something unique about the people who work at FireEye and it is reflected through passion. My advice to any student pursuing an internship at FireEye is to let your passion shine through the recruitment process. Passion is key to reaching your full potential. I truly believe the employees at FireEye are there for a reason. There is something unique about everyone that I met during my internship, including the other interns, because of a curiosity to learn. My passion for marketing, collaboration, and execution of projects was embraced and allowed me to excel during my internship.


I loved how the FireEye Executives dedicated their time to meeting us, especially during the Showcase, because it reflects the company’s support of the work their interns do. I give a huge thank you to FireEye and the Reference Team for supporting me this past summer and allowing me to grow in my abilities!

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