A Great First Internship

- Ryan, 2018 IGNITE Software Engineering Scrum Master Intern - Helix

How did you hear about FireEye? Why did you choose FireEye? 

I heard about FireEye from one of my neighbors who works there. I decided I wanted to work at FireEye after he started telling me about the one-on-one mentorship that the internship program provides. 


What is the most interesting thing you have learned? 

The most interesting thing that I learned was how to start implementing Agile practices into a company that has hundreds of employees.  


What has been your favorite part of your internship so far? 

My favorite part of the internship was working my mentor for the summer, and helping him with all of the teams that he worked on. 


What would your advice be to a student pursuing an internship at FireEye? 

My advice to anyone seeking an internship at FireEye is to do research beforehand. 


Is there anything else you would like to say? 

Working at FireEye was my first internship and it was an amazing experience. Everyone at the office was kind and always happy to discuss any questions I had. The one-on-one mentorship helped me learn a lot more about using Scrum in a working environment. I would highly recommend working at FireEye.

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