Speaking the Language of the Audience

- Aditya, 2018 IGNITE Technical Marketing Intern

How did you hear about FireEye? Why did you choose FireEye?
I was looking for a Technical Marketing Intern role, as it matches my area of interest. There are very limited companies that offer this unique role at an Intern level, but luckily FireEye is one of those companies. Hence, as soon as I learned about it online, I applied immediately.

What is the most interesting thing you have learned?
Being an Engineer, I was always intrigued to know how an Engineer can impact the Marketing Department of a company. This internship cleared my idea of how to be the voice of Engineering in Marketing. It helped me understand in-depth about the importance of having technical knowledge in cyber security and the ability to speak the language of the audience. (e.g. Being a TME, one should know how to communicate with the customer vs. someone internal in the engineering team.)

What has been your favorite part of your internship so far?
I have more than one favourite! Everything from the speaker series sessions, CEO Kevin Mandia's talk, Great America Theme Park outing and one-on-one meeting with Vasu Jakkal, CMO.

What would your advice be to a student pursuing an internship at FireEye?
Since your time in the Internship is limited, don't confine yourself to the work given by your manager. Make time to explore how different departments at FireEye function. Network with people. One tip that my manager & mentor Sharat Ganesh always told me - Have lunch with a new person everyday!!

Is there anything else you would like to say?
It was a pleasure being part of the IGNITE Internship Program 2018. I truly consider myself lucky to be in a company of such wonderful mentors, leaders and of course fellow intern colleagues.

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