Play, Explore & Learn, while you Intern!

The simple rhyming sentence I used in the title, pretty much sums up my internship experience at FireEye. The journey has been exhilarating, right from the first email I received from the company to this very moment as I say goodbye and return to school to graduate with a Master’s degree in the future.

FireEye, Inc. as an organization, is the quintessence of multiple aspects like outstanding leadership, relentless growth, employees with dynamic characters, especially my mentor, Chase and above all, the unique technology that prevents and fights the cyber threats which is an important reason for FireEye’s unmatched success. Honestly speaking, I had never heard of FireEye until I joined as a Hardware Engineering intern. However, I am elated for being a member of this organization as this internship has proven to be a “complete package” as I would love to outline. The interview process,  assistance provided, my boss and our boss, the work culture, intern satisfaction, work/life balance, colleagues, the HR department, literally everything has been nothing less than perfect. I feel sad to leave and head back to school as this internship was nothing close to a traditional job, but it was an exceptional experience, indeed!

What did I ‘Play’?

The IGNITE team have forged an electrifying internship program, which ideally justifies their slogan, ‘The spark starts here’. Even though, my internship lasted for a short span, the IGNITE team made sure that, I have a great time while I work. The baseball game, the leadership series, the intern showcase, the ice cream socials are the few events that I was able to attend. The striking feature I observed is that every event has something different to offer. The baseball game provided the fun, the leadership series provided interactive learning, the intern showcase helped in developing communication and interpersonal skills while the ice cream social encourage socializing with other intern. Though, these skills may look minute when compared to the technical skills we possess, they are equally important for enhancing your personality as a competent professional. In a nutshell, the IGNITE team has been successful in my overall development which in my opinion defines a perfect internship that extends an all-round evolution.           

What have I ‘Explored’?

Possessing a background in Mechanical Engineering, for me, accepting the offer for a Hardware Engineering Intern position was a challenging task. I walked into FireEye as a rookie with absolute zero knowledge about hardware engineering. To top that, the security industry was an ‘uncharted territory’, especially for me who had never looked beyond the world of machines & cars. This internship presented me with a great opportunity to discover an industry which is completely new to me and beyond my scope of study bolstered by the application of the skills and knowledge that I gained through the engineering projects and ongoing education. The transition from Engines, motors, pulleys, gears & springs to NIC cards, RAID controllers, PSUs, IPMI chips & server blades has been exciting and intriguing. This internship has definitely helped me effectively in broadening my career choices for the future. For some, their internship might have aided them in further expanding & sharpening their accomplished skills, but I hold myself fortunate enough as I gained the opportunity to uncover an absolutely different avenue considering my educational background.  

What have I ‘Learned’?

Being a graduate mechanical engineering student and specializing in product & engineering design, the fundamentals of this stream have always made me think towards a single dimension that focuses on, ‘how to design or invent a product that meets the objective set forth for the project’. However, my job at FireEye exposed me to what happens next once a product has been designed and manufactured. Design Verification Testing (DVT) follows after a product has been developed without which the product cannot be launched into the market. I got well versed with the various industry standardized tests that a product belonging to the telecommunication industry should pass in order to be maintain its optimum performance and to meet the industry standards. I also learned more about the various manufacturing operations which lead to a smooth and successful product development process. Therefore, I can proudly say that before this internship I was limited to CAD software, Product design methods & Stress analysis but now I have an addition of Design Verification Testing (DVT), Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) & Manufacturing operations techniques to my existing artillery of skills set.

In conclusion, the complete experience at FireEye has been fascinating and incredible right from the opening day to the very last of my internship. I have made great friends, worked with experienced and sophisticated people, learned from the experiences of the organization’s leaders as well as expanded my knowledge and skills while enjoying the work. To the future applicants I would say, if selected then trust you will not regret working with FireEye. Finally, if given the opportunity, I would definitely return to work without having any doubts!

Thank you.  

Karan, Hardware Engineer Intern                                                                                                                     

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