An Analysts Perspective

How I heard about FireEye and the internship program:

I first learned about FireEye through a general meeting in one of the clubs I am part of.  A university alumni came and talked about the topic of how antivirus is becoming obsolete.  That was my first exposure to FireEye as a company, which gave me a keen interest in potentially working for FireEye. 

Experience working at FireEye:

The first four weeks at FireEye was spent getting access to everything I needed to start working. During this period, we also received training from some of the analysts and plenty of help along the way. Throughout the internship, there were quite a few speaker events, which were very informative and provided plenty of insight for me. The two other events in the Reston area included an ice cream social and a trip to a major league baseball game. One of the last things we did as interns was a showcase, where we presented what we learned and accomplished during the internship. After all was said and done, the showcase turned out to be quite a rewarding experience.

Throughout the internship, I learned more in three months than I could have ever dreamed, especially since I came with no prior internship experience and just a basic comprehension of what to look for in malware.  With that being the case, the connections I’ve created, alongside the experience, was the most I’ve gotten from this internship.  My manager was very open to what everyone had to say, all of the analysts I’ve worked with helped me every step of the way, and I enjoyed my time at all the events with my fellow interns.  My experience was absolutely phenomenal and I suggest to any future FireEye internship applicants, do it -- you won’t regret it.

Analyst, FireEye as a Service Intern

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