From FireEye to INTERPOL, and Back Again

My internship was in the Strategic Solutions Business Unit at FireEye this spring and summer. Since April, I have been able to work on improving the cost model of some of the most strategic products of Mandiant / FireEye. It has been a very challenging but exciting project - involving 360 degrees of cooperation among several key technical, financial and managerial leadership of the company. 

This great experience in New York and Washington D.C was actually “jeopardized” when INTERPOL offered me the opportunity to join their Global Complex for Innovation in Cybersecurity based in Singapore during June and July. The dilemma and the pressure were intense as I had to quickly choose between pursuing two great experiences:  one with a top cybersecurity firm, and another one with a global law enforcement coordination agency, that would represent shaping the world’s biggest complex for cybersecurity deterrence and attack response capabilities.

I was able to do both! Thanks to the flexibility of FireEye and its long term strategic vision - which includes the idea that more freedom brings more creative, unique skill sets and ultimately fosters talent retention and sustained growth. While I was nervous that that my manager at FireEye would respond with a “hell no” when I indicated that I wanted to also work for INTERPOL in Singapore for the summer, I was surprised at his response. He supported it, championed it and created a customized contract with the help of the University Relations IGNITE team. Confidentiality for both institutions was an important aspect, however, it was fully managed in the smoothest manner. I did not have any contact with the FireEye team during my mission at INTERPOL.

After the completion of my program with INTERPOL, I returned to FireEye and continued working on the business models for cyber capabilities. Best of all, I helped initiate a relationship between INTERPOL and FireEye.  Ultimately, I was able to launch the base of the INTERPOL cyber research capabilities in Singapore, while pursuing my journey with FireEye. 

Adrien, Strategic Solutions Intern


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