From University Student to University Relations Program Manager

As I went back to school in the fall for my last semester of college, I began thinking about what I wanted to do and most importantly what type of company I wanted to work for. A mentor once told me not to pick a job, but instead to pick a company. My goal was to find a company I could get behind and not to settle for a job at an organization I didn’t believe in. I was looking for a company that cared about its employees, had amazing leadership, and was going somewhere big.

I immediately began to leverage my Linkedin connections to expand my reach and learn of opportunities that were opening up at various companies. This is how I learned about FireEye. Not only did I have two connections, but I discovered Dave DeWalt had just joined as CEO. FireEye quickly moved to the top of my list and I knew that I wanted to work there. I reached out to my connections and was contacted for an interview shortly afterward.

I was hired as the University Relations Program Manager to help build out FireEye’s University Program and kickoff the inaugural intern season. My first two months were filled with career fairs, resumes, offers, and intern starts… 40 interns to be exact!

Looking back on the past six months, I cannot believe how much has unfolded. We ended up with an amazing inaugural intern class that will leave a lasting legacy at FireEye. Each intern had a chance to work on meaningful projects that had a direct impact on the business, and spanned across every organization. Our executives embraced the program and participated in a speaker series that gave the interns a chance to meet them and ask questions. The interns participated in an intern showcase that displayed their projects for the entire company to see. They also had an opportunity to participate in a community service project that included the collection and assembly of school supply kits to donate to needy children in the Bay Area.

I couldn’t be happier with how my post collegiate life has shaped up thus far and I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way next!

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