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Coming to work hunting malware for FireEye is like a box of chocolates you never really know what you’re going to get. Whether it’s a new intrusion, a newfound malware sample, or writing a new report, FireEye’s Managed Defense Team always found new ways to keep me interested and engaged. The world of security is fast moving. To continue with the theme, malware is a lot like chocolate. It’s everywhere, it’s not good for you but it can still be found hiding at everyone’s work place. Recent events have shown that everyone is vulnerable since the complexity of attacks have increased. Security is now a big concern for many corporations. I am happy to have learned so much about the security industry and developed my technical and non-technical skills as I grow as an employee.

The work at FireEye is limitless and borderless. As a security industry leader, FireEye is now the go-to company for security breaches. With so many serious threats on the horizon, working at FireEye requires collaboration amongst different teams and offices around the globe. There were days when I would get handed a project from Europe, analyze a malware sample with Southeast Asia, and brief a manager in California all while eating my breakfast cereal. It was a cross-continental breakfast. This was my first time working in an international company. I learned a lot of lessons about communication and collaboration with people from all parts of the globe.

One of the best parts as an intern was having access to the rich training experience and experts in the security field. The managers and mentors on my team are not only experts but they are also good teachers. My coworkers care deeply about protecting our clients from the biggest threats and they did a fantastic job in instilling that care in all of the interns.

Another thing that stood out to me about FireEye was its corporate agility. FireEye has the reach of a large company with the responsiveness of a startup. In my relatively short time with the company, I saw ideas move from suggestions to comprehensive solutions. The team works to improve every process and procedure to ensure that we can provide top notch service to our customers. I observed my coworkers and managers and eagerly learned from their creativity, problem solving skills, and grace under time constraints.

I am very happy to have spent some time as part of the FireEye family. I will never forget the excitement, intelligence, and zeal of the FaaS Team and the company as a whole.

FaaS Analyst Intern

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