Internship @ FireEye: tips from an IGNITE veteran

Prepare a very convincing resume emphasizing your skills and most important projects and previous work experience. Resume plays a very important role for the recruiters to decide if you are a right fit for the role.

Stay calm and relaxed through out the interview process. Staying calm shows the interviewer that you are thinking clearly.

Understand the question before answering. It’s ok to ask the interviewer to repeat the question for clarification.

Be prepared to answer the commonly asked questions (for a technical coding interview)
  • Why do want this internship?
  • Which coding language is your strongest one?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How does a typical day go for you?
  • How many hours do you code every week?
  • How does this internship relate to your major in school/career goals?
Research the company and be prepared to ask questions about the position you are being interviewed for. 

Be thorough with your resume, you should be able to explain in detail on any topic mentioned in the resume.

Thank the interviewer and ask politely as to when you can expect to hear back from them.

Drop a mail to the recruiter thanking them for setting up the interview and about how the interview went.

Sit back and relax, you have done your part! Wait for the results!

Babitha joined FireEye through the IGNITE Intern progam in 2014 as a Software Engineer Intern on the FireEye Labs Team. Her projects included the development of Custom Integration (Integration Server) and  ongoing enhancements for FireEye's customers.

Upon graduating with a Masters degree in Computer Networks from University of Southern California, Babitha now develops custom dashboards that display security statistics on various integrations with FireEye appliances. Her role involves full stack develpment using Java, ElasticSearch, Kibana and AngularJS.

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