Curiosity Leads to an Internship

I never considered doing video for a corporation, but I was curious. I had the ambition to make exciting visually stylistic content with the hopes of eventually working on films, whether it was doing audio or video. 

After a tour of FireEye’s global headquarters, I learned that the multimedia team was producing a wide range of content. I was surprised to see that they were doing so muchmorethan just presentations and training videos. They had a whole series of fully animated shorts, promotional videos and internal-only special projects. 

The multimedia team is in an interesting position within the company. Our work depends on the needs of every department, which means we get to connect with everyone! The most fulfilling part about being on this team is that I’ve been included on every kind of project that has come our way. All the different kinds of projects have allowed me to grow rapidly.

I’ve attended countless events during my internship both exclusively for interns and for the whole company. The intern events gave me insight to what it takes to lead a company, lead a team and how to succeed in life. When the events weren’t driven towards being informational they were just plain fun.

The best advice I can give to future interns is to always connect with the people around you and always get involved with your team. There truly is an open door policy here. Everyone welcomes discussions and questions so take advantage of that. Lastly, don’t ever pass on the opportunity to ask your team members for help and feedback.

FireEye has given me a very unique experience. I feel lucky that I got ushered into the corporate sector at a great company. They have included me in their family, their projects and shaped me into a more valuable team member.

-Andrew, IGNITE Intern 2015-2016  

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