My IGNITE experience

How did I hear about the Intern Program at FireEye?

Honestly speaking, I didn’t know about the FireEye Company before getting an interview call for this company. As a student, I applied to different companies and waited eagerly for the company reply. Each and every day, I used to wait for the company reply. Those were the hard times I suppose every student have to face in their life time.

Then, one day, I looked at the profile of FireEye and saw many positions of the internship. The first thing which caught my attention was a proper intern program. I have seen many company profiles but very few had a proper intern program specifically designed for interns. This concept immediately caught my attention and it was the first eager step to join the company.

I applied in early May and to my surprise I got an interview call within 10 days of my submission. I also liked the concept of giving fair chance to everyone by conducting an online aptitude test. This was the second instance which really motivated me to join the company. When I got a call for interview, it gave me a sense of achievement as I have cleared the aptitude test.

The interview process was by far the best process I have witnessed after coming to US. I have had many interview calls before, which lasted for 1 month long but eventually turned out to a no-reply back from the company or a reject. Fortunately, FireEye had a very good process and I got hired within 2 days. The interviewers were very supportive and adjusted according to my schedule as I got interviewed during my final exam times. I had to go through 3 rigorous interviews with really solid aptitude as well as technical questions. This was the third instance which really let me research deeper into this company.

Finally, I was very impressed by the experienced executives, FireEye products, FireEye team and others. As a student, I also browsed through various websites like Glassdoor to look for reviews, company profiles , customer ratings etc. and I was again impressed the company’s potential to grow exponentially.  

These were some of the solid reasons why I choose FireEye as one of the hot spot for my internship! I am really enjoying working on different projects over here in FireEye and would be more than willing to join the company in the near future.

What I think of the program?

Firstly, Super Heads Up to the UR team for making such a wonderful program. I would like to describe this program in one single sentence – ‘A great opportunity to build your relations and learn about the company’. Typically, interns are not considered as an integral part of the company, but the program is designed in a way which lets the interns to believe that they are an important part of the organization. The company invests heavily on their interns and every intern sees himself/herself as a future employee of this great organization.  Following are the major points which I liked about the intern program:

  1. Intern Executive Speaker Series: I think this is the best way to motivate the interns to perform well. All the executives gave a very good speech and really addressed all our concerns/questions very well. Such sessions really give you a chance to interact with some of the super minds of the security domain. I enjoyed every bit of the session and listened carefully to all the speakers.
  2. Interview with any three employees: I think that this one is a great opportunity to learn about the company from different perspectives. The intern program gives you a chance to interview any three employees outside your department. I had a very good time interviewing three other employees from whom I learnt a lot about how to operate a production unit in the company.
  3. FireEye Picnic/Baseball Game/Casino night: After all interns are students and honestly, students need some fun mix with their work. FireEye intern program takes special care of the students by giving them a chance to engage in some fun activities like picnic, casino games etc.
  4. Intern Showcase: A great way to showcase your work to all the employees of the company. The best thing about this showcase is that for one day, you get the chance to market yourself in front of whole company. Excellent chance to demonstrate your skills and interests in front of the potential future employees.

These are some of the strong things which I see in the intern program at FireEye. There are several other things which make this intern program so great and lively. If given a chance for future employment, I would never hesitate to make the final decision. And the final decision would be ‘YES’

Abhishek, FireEye Intern '14 

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