My story: Intern to University Graduate

I was only a few weeks into my summer internship with the FireEye Inside Sales team, and saw lunch time as a great way to get to meet the members of the FireEye community and familiarize myself with people who worked in the same building as me.  Just like many Mondays, I grabbed my lunch from the cafe around noon and headed outside to the picnic tables to eat.

I sat down with a few members of my team, and joined a man who had already been eating his lunch outside.  He introduced himself to me as Tony, and informed me he worked in the FireEye Customer Services department.  We talked about our weekends and he was very interested in the FireEye internship program that I was part of.  I told him I learned about FireEye and applied for the position at my University’s career fair and got the internship after the interview process that took place a few weeks later.  We both eventually needed to get back to work and went our separate ways as we walked back inside.  From that day on I occasionally saw and recognized Tony walking through the building and we would always exchange a casual greeting and conversation in passing.

Throughout the summer, the University Relations team organized an Executive Speaker Series which allowed a different FireEye executive to speak to and interact with the interns.  This series included FireEye’s leadership committee, and one of the speakers that we saw was Anthony Kolish, Sr. VP of Customer Services.  Once he walked in the room, I realized he was the same man I had lunch with on that random Monday a few weeks earlier.  He went on to tell the group about his background, responsibilities with the company, and answered all the questions that the group had for him. 

Weeks later when my internship was over and I was back at school to finish my last quarter of college, I received and accepted an offer from Tony to work as a full-time FireEye employee with the Customer Services department upon graduation.  I was fortunate enough to start as a FireEye summer intern, and in doing so, it opened up many doors to start my career with FireEye in Customer Services.  

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