Why FireEye Topped the List of Opportunities For Me

In marketing it is said that there is nothing worse than selling a product to an audience that doesn’t want it. Well the same could be said that for interns, there is nothing worse than working for a company that you have no interest in. I had several offers for internships this summer; it was actually quite flattering yet overwhelming at the same time. Each internship offered an opportunity that the others did not; from a higher starting pay, to over the top benefits, to even a guaranteed full time position after graduation. On paper I felt that no matter which position I took I couldn’t go wrong, at least in the short term. So I decided to do a little more research, I dug up information up to five years back for each company to see their progression, their trajectory, and the general direction that each company was moving towards. To a lot of people, what I did may be considered slightly “overkill”. But the simple fact is I intend to turn my internship into a full time career and whatever decision I made that week could affect my life for the next 10-20 years (FireEye willing).

Once I did my research, it became clear that there was no comparison between FireEye and the other companies. FireEye was recently identified as the 4th fastest growing company in North America (Deloitte) virtually sealed the deal for me. The fact is it’s a lot nicer to work for a company that is growing and constantly adding new positions rather than working for a company that is downsizing. A lot of students forget to think long term when it comes to internships because the commitment is inherently short term, but after the internship is over, students often regret not doing more research about the company they’re about to work for. A lot of my colleagues were so consumed with just getting an internship (any internship for that matter), that they forgot that the opportunity isn’t a means to an end, rather a chance to evaluate the fit between the company and you. FireEye also offered a position that mattered, it wasn’t all grunt work or busy work. I was able to help launch projects as well as run data analytics, regression and trend analyses things that I live for! With that being said, what ultimately won me over was my Manager. I believed that I could learn the most and grow the fastest under her direction and guidance. People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their manager, and it was important for me to have a strong relationship with whom I would be directly reporting to because I believe that individuals who are happy at work are far likely to be more productive at work.

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